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Kitsune is an apparent half-breed between catfolk and human. The distince catfolk features she possesses are the cat-like ears, as well as the tail. She keeps her hair in the style typical to female catfolk, her black hair is cut short. Unlike catfolk she does not possess the fur that is typical of the species, but has the smooth skin featured by many of the other intelligent races. Kitsune also has sharp claws and teeth which she could used in combat if pressed to do so. This stems from her fiendish heritage which would be only truely recognized as not catfolk by other catfolk, most other species would believe them to be natural.
Her other distinct qualities are her red colored eyes. She stands at 6'1'' which is nearly unheard of in catfolk, and is enchanting to most men who look upon her.

Kitsune was born the grand-daughter of Naneko and the Devil Drakin. SHe never met her grandfather, but has been told that he still lives. Born into the Sylvanas clan, she was raised in the simple nomadic lifestyle on the grasslands next to the tropical forests of the south. Given her natural superior physic she was trained to one day become on outrider, charged with the safety of the tribe.
While out hunting an aggressive Megaraptor, that had left the nearby forest seeking game in the catfolk's territory, her whole world changed. The Megaraptorhad already devoured most of the areas wild game and attacked a few catfolk from the tribe, to the point where the tribe would soon move on. Kitsune had tracked the beast for days and was finally within enough distance to hit it with her bow and arrow. She lined up the shot but before she could release, an arrow came out of nowhere striking the Megaraptor. It was not enough to bring it down though, and a lone wilder elf emerged from it's hiding place with blades in hand. A battle ensued but in the end the Elf had slain the beast, but was badly wounded in turn. The elf soon began to mend his wounds. Anger about her lost quarry, without thinking Kitsune pointed her still drawn bow and released the arrow. The arrow struck the elf in the back and he doubled over, dead. Not knowing what to do, she quickly started to panick. She ran over to the elf corpse and grabbed the swords and ran back to her village. SHe told the villagers that though her quarry eluded her she had found swords of excellent make and that they would be tokens of her failure. As all catfolk gather tokens, the tribe was inclined to believe her.
Kitsune was plagued by dark thoughts, how easy it was to take the elves life, and what eautiful prizes she had won. The simple nomadic lifestyle was just not enough anymore. One day her tribe awoke to find that she was missing. They searched for days but found no trace of her.
Kitsune began to travel to many towns and quickly learned the power that money had over those living there.She used heer talents to earn money by working as a mercenary, but the work was hazardous and inconcistent. One day she noticed beggars in many towns and decided it was a simple way to make money as well as safer than mercenary work. Using a disguise kit she began experimenting, eventually dressing up as a blind elven maiden to beg for money. It was easy coin, she not only did she recieve money from kind people, she also stole their purses with ease.

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