The Story of Thraune

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The Story of Thraune Empty The Story of Thraune

Post  Caustio on Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:05 am

Thraune was born in the Sixth Mazeworks Village of Sarscea to Morgan
who is the son of Charles. Thraune grew up learning the teachings and family
business from both his father and Grandfather (Martial Arts, Sword Smithing,
Sword Fighting, and Trading. )When Thraune turned 10 he was given a choice
of what Profession he wanted to train in and he chose to learn how to become
a Swordsage. So with that in mind Charles set out to find a Master Swordsage
to train Thraune and found Jax a 12th Level Swordsage Dwarf who was
being used as a slave in the Mines by a 18th Level Dao Warlord named Mort
in the Fourth Mazeworks Village of Ady-Rea. After a considerably long
negotiation and Mort not giving up Jax easily Charles bought Jax's Freedom. In
return Charles asked Jax to train his Grandson Thraune for 8 years to work off
the debt, Jax agreed.
When Thraune turned 16 one of his friends Warren (who was 3 years
older) went on a expedition with some of the guys (17 to 24 years of age)
When only one returned, Thraune went to see what befell his friend. Following
the same rout on the map Thraune found his buddies remains and took the
back to the village where Charles recognized the wounds as that of a Black Ooze.
Thraune swore to kill every last Ooze that crossed his path and started
studying how to kill the different types. Charles, Morgan, and Jax got Thraune to
give his word to wait to go to the area where his friend had died to take his
revenge until he turned 30, and so he waits training for the day to come........
Around Thraune's 27 Birthday he started having these strange dreams
about a women...............The rest everyone already knows!

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The Story of Thraune Empty Re: The Story of Thraune

Post  Drakin Omega on Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:40 am

Ok just a couple of questions. What type of village is Sarcea? What was the deal between Charles and Mort for Jax's Freedom? Why was it Charlse who did this and not Morgan, as he was probly about 200 at that point.

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