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Play Yourself 2.0

Post  TinyTron on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:08 am

All right guys in the 3 or more years we were playing Scott's campaign a lot of ground has been covered and a decent portion of the geography revealed. However there is a lot left to be developed. As a general heads up, I want to let you know that I plan on going into the myths on how our particular, and still unnamed world, came to have monsters. As of right now I'm leaning between 3 possibilities.

1. They can all be traced back to one monster or one pair of monsters, similar to Typhon and Echidna from Greek Mythology. I'm thinking the Terrasque.

2. The Corruption/Depravity system gave rise to them i.e. the first Cockatrice came to life when a corrupted rooster died, a human and a horse died in an area overcome back evil energy and the bodies resurrected into a Centaur, and a corrupted Orc with weights lashed to his legs was pushed over the side of a boat and came back as the first Suahuagin (or however you spell it).

3. Magical Experiments gone wrong.

Next is on the general global layout of the campaign setting. Scott stated that the same deity made both worlds. The one we're from and the one we came to live in and have descendants. If that's the case then we can keep the lay out the same. The desert area we encountered the Maruspawn in would be around Mexico/Texas. The forest with the elves on owls could be anywhere around Seattle or The South which would put Gutler on a northern boarder since straight across from the pier after a few days/hours is the town where Charles is a wanted criminal. That would be somewhere in what we call Canada in our world. Also because of this possibility it means tunnels dug in the Badlands by dwarves/gnomes could perhaps connect with paths made along the Appalachian where they connect with the Underdark.

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Correction on Race

Post  Drakin Omega on Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:23 pm

Actually it wasn't the same diety as Veccna is a younger one as far as dieties are concerned. He was mortal who became a powerful lich-king. The world was made by the Overgods, the same ones who saw fit to make the lich veccna a god.

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