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Post  Drakin Omega on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:13 pm

Rarzan Splitshield is my first memorable character, so I'd thought I'd start this off with him.
Class: Wizard
Alignment: True Neutral
Motto: Magic is neither good nor evil of nature, just it's user.
Family: Royal family of the Splitshield clan.
Born to the cleric of the Splitshield line, Rarzan took the path of magic. Both envied and destrusted by his fellow dwarves he grew up as an outsider. Eventually Rarzan began to adventure outside of his homelands, traveling far and wide.
Eventually he was captured by dark elves, drow, and subjected to torture at the order of those who oppose the Splitshield clan's rule. They eventually implanted a Mother Cyst, hoping it would drive him insane and destroy him. His mind was too strong for the cyst to destroy, so he mastered it and used it to his advantage. Using the cyst, he implanted more into his drow captives, and after "convincing" them to free him, caused the cysts to explode killing thier hosts.
Now he travels again almost afraid to return home, less they find out that he holds an undead monstrocity within his body.

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