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Post  Necromatigoth on Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:58 pm

As per the 101 Thread, except you get 30 point instead of 25. If you want bonus points, here is how: 0-6 points will be given based on the character background and concept. The more "flavorful of a history and/or unniqness of concept the more give , at HHG discrestion (Holy-Hock God for the newly initiated). Based on how many anchors you develop, if you further develop those characters history and relationship to your character (i.e. more descriptive) another 0-3 bonus per anchor. And lastly, if any of you take the the time develop your own flower design you will be awarded an auto bonus of 5 points up to 10 BUT!!! you MUST provide a copy of your design!!!! In the core book pages 155-160 talk about the floral design process. I would like to incorporate the designs in game play.
I think that should keep you all busy for a while. Dont forget after you design your characters you all have to collectivly design your Imperator and Chancel. So the sooner we all get this done the sooner we may move on to bigger and better things!
If any of you have feed back, please let me know.

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