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Post  Drakin Omega on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:54 pm

Ok well here is for the character backgrounds. I'm going with a little something different with my design so enjoy.

The Doctor
A Nobilis shard traveling through time and space? Well maybe not time and space, that’s all wibble wobbley, timey whimy after all. A shard seeking a new vessel happen to crashed into a TV guide featuring an episode of doctor who. The image came to life, left the paper and stood up. The mortals in the room freaked out, all they could stammer was “Who are you?”. The new Nobilis looked at them and said, “Me? I’m the doctor.”
The mortals were driven mad by the sight of the TV Guide image coming to life. For his harm to them The Doctor was punished, by having his newest season broken up into two parts, to be continued in the fall.

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